ALKA Flooring, LLC is a locally owned and operated Minnesota-based full service flooring company. We are located in the Twin Cities metro area.

Alex Kanevskiy, the creative and motivated driving force behind ALKA Flooring, LLC, studied woodcarving 25 years ago, then evolved into cabinetmaking, then to whole-house remodeling, and now for over 10 years, has concentrated on the floor covering business. Alexander combines his training in art and woodworking to provide a great balance between state-of-art style and the latest technical solutions. Alexander is an experienced craftsman, artist, and engineer with an impressive professional background in Moscow, Russia; New York, NY; and now, for many years, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

With hundreds of new flooring products coming into the market every year, Alex spends a lot of his time and effort picking the right one for your home or commercial application. ALKA Flooring, LLC has the knowledge of the latest in floor materials.

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