Laminate floors combine a realistic impression of hardwood and tile with an exceptionally durable finish. These floors have become a popular budget-friendly alternative to real hardwood and vinyl floors as well.

ALKA Flooring will help you select and buy the most suitable laminate floors for your home and then professionally install them for you.

Laminate floor typesCustom Hardwood by Alka Flooring in Plymouth, Minnesota

Wood finish: Authentic wood flooring look in laminate a floor is available in a wide variety manufactures. Whether you are looking to renew the appearance throughout your home or prepare you rental property for a new tenant ALKA Flooring will be there for you.

Stone/Slate: The natural look of Stone and Slate is now as easy to use in the decor of your kitchen or your entire living area, with the ease of the glues less locking system laminate flooring provides. Manufactures have responded to the consumer’s demand for extended colors and shade variations in the Stone and Slate look.

Some laminate floor facts to consider:

    Laminate flooring is extremely impact and scratch resistant.
    Laminate floors do not need a wax or polish.
    Laminate floors are highly resistant to the effects of sunlight.
    Most laminate floors can be used over radiant heated concrete slabs.
    Trims and moldings are available for laminate floors.
    Usually used for: family rooms, living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and dens.