Trimwork is both practical and decorative as it covers rough edges and seams between different materials. It adds a distinctive touch that gives a home architectural detail and character.

Dark wood Trim and carpet

Even the most expensive and elegant floor looks somewhat unfinished without professionally performed trimwork.

ALKA Flooring will help you select and install trim of the perfectly fitting shape and style that will make your home interior look complete.

Normally, our craftsmen select suitable floor color and material to match the trim, but ALKA Flooring can also replace the existing trim in your living space. In some cases new well-selected trim around the windows, doors or the crown-moldings can radically enhance the overall beauty of your home.

When it comes to trimwork, a great deal of personal taste and professionalism come into play. Sometimes it takes adding crown-moldings to the kitchen cabinets to make a home look beautiful, other times it helps to know exactly where to stop with additional interior elements. You can be sure each ALKA Flooring craftperson’s education, taste and professionalism is the guarantee of our highest-quality service. Your satisfaction and your comfort in your home is our only goal.