Staircases, Balustrades & Landings


Perfectly designed and crafted stairs can significantly enhance the overall beauty and value of your home. ALKA Flooring can construct a wide variety of custom stairways using a vast selection of woods and stair part styles.

When your beautiful new hardwood floor has been installed, you will see for yourself that the old stairs just spoil the overall picture and make your home look stylistically unfinished.


Treads and risers of the stairs of your choice can be made of solid hardwood or a less expensive material, they can be upholstered with carpet, or crafted as a combination of carpet and hardwood or other materials – you decide. ALKA Flooring can do it all.


In most cases, if you have hardwood floors in your house,hardwood stairs will make it look better. The same rule generally works when it comes to carpet, both floors and stairs should be covered with carpet in this case. Combined stairs would be a great alternative for those homeowners, who for whatever reason prefer to have hardwood floors and carpet treads at the same time. ALKA Flooring will happily give you some professional advice as well as a free estimate prior to the actual work process.

While balustrade provides the main decorative feature for the stairs, it also is a safety device that must comply with the local construction codes and be reliable and strong. To satisfy these requirements, ALKA Flooring will either help you select one of the balustrades available in stock or suggest placing a special order when needed. Handrails and other accessories will also be selected as a part of the ensemble.